Death and Taxes

I don’t really have any gripes about either beyond what you all have, nor do I have any profound insight to add to the discussion.  I just thought I should post today and the title seemed appropriate given the date.   Deep, Huh?

I honestly don’t have anything to talk about at all.  So, let me just spill some guts.  Here’s my daily thought process.

1.  I want a new bike.  I don’t need a new bike, my bike is awesome.  However, if I am going to maximum value for my bike to put toward my new bike, I need to do it soon.

2.  I don’t deserve a new bike.  I am not very fast, and not producing any results. 

3.  I really don’t deserve anything.  I ought to be very thankful for what I have.  I am so blessed to be riding a pro bike, though two years old. 

4.  I am extremely blessed in all aspects of my life.  I have absolutely everything I need and much more.

5.  I need to better utilize what I have been given.

6.  I’m being lazy and need to get on the ball.

7.  I wonder what they are talking about on this conference call I’m on?

8.  Why do the French hate everybody who wins?

9.  I bet its because they always lose.

On that note, I was watching Paris-Roubaix on a French web-cast on Sunday.  I was absolutely appalled at the comments being made once it was clear that Tom Boonen had the race sewn up. They started trashing him for doping and his positive out of competition cocaine test last year.  Now, I am not in any way condoning Tom’s recreational cocaine use at a party, but come on!  How self-righteous is that!  As if we all haven’t made mistakes.  Are we no longer allowed to succeed at something once we have made a mistake? 

And how about that race?  Talk about war of attrition!  I am fired up for the Ardennes Classics coming up after that. The season is definitely in full swing now.  And I am so far behind!  The French will never hate me for winning.


~ by Velosophy Esq. on April 15, 2009.

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