Dopers Suck

And I’ll repeat it again.  DOPERS SUCK!!!

It was announced today that Tyler Hamilton was busted.  Again.  At first I wasn’t surprised.  This is his fourth accusation of doping.  He got away with it at the Olympics because they messed up his B sample.  Then he got out-right caught at the Giro, then he was named in Operation Puerto (alongside some teammates that had the cajones to confess).  But then I saw Taylor Phinney say, “That’s too bad, he was a really nice guy;” and I got mad. 

I didn’t get mad at Taylor, but at what Taylor pointed out:  that Tyler Hamilton was looked up to, and he let us all down.  Again.  Who can forget Tyler’s climb up Alpe d’Huez with a broken collar bone? Who can forget all the talent this guy has had and thrown away?  He is the current U.S.A. National Champion.  He is supposed to represent all of us every time he gets on a bike. 

And his response to it all is to make excuses.  He said he was depressed and took DHEA in an OTC anti-depressant.  Bull Crap! DHEA is a steroid.  He wants us all to feel sorry for him and his hard life.  Listen up Tyler, you get to live our dream.  You get to do everyday what we all wish we could do.  And you do it better than all but a handful of us.  Your problems have only come from your own selfishness.  You have no excuses.  This affects all of us. We are all going to suffer because of you. 

But there is always redemption.  Tyler, you now have the opportunity to turn your life around on a public stage.  Help others learn from your mistakes.   Don’t make our future suffer because of your own selfish pride.  Don’t walk away and hide in a corner.  Stand up and do the right thing.  For once, do the right thing.  Fight to take your life back like you fought on those mountains in France.  Don’t let Taylor Phinney down again.


~ by Velosophy Esq. on April 17, 2009.

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