What a Week!

Last week ended with a great 110 mile ride up to a camp in the southern end of Palo Duro Canyon in Texas.  The ride was fantastic.  It was fast and the weather was beautiful (except for the 7 miles around mile 95-102 where we somehow found a tough headwind). 

For the weekend, we had a fantastic time just learning how to be better men.  It was awesome to spend time with lots of great guys investing in eachothers’  lives.  When we got back on Sunday, it was time put rubber to the road.  I think we are headed in the right direction.

Then I got some really sad news.  A local law enforcement officer was killed by a drunk driver while responding to another call.  He left behind a wife, two kids and a bunch of friends, colleagues and citizens who really looked up to him.  He was awesome.  He lived “Protect and Serve, ” whether in uniform or not.  He lit up rooms with his personality and lived everyday to its fullest. 

His funeral was yesterday.  It was truly amazing.  The tradition of law enforcement funerals is something to be in awe of.  It was really touching and extremely hard.  But all the outpouring of love and respect for him from the community and law enforcement was remarkable.  The largest church in town was packed full and had officers from all over the state and neighboring states lining the wall two deep.  It took 30 minutes for all of their vehicles to roll out of the parking lot in the processional.  And that’s not counting the civilian vehicles.  What a great man. 

And there’s still more to come.  Tomorrow I have a business meeting in Dallas, a rehearsal dinner back home, and have been nominated for an award that will be presented at a reception tomorrow night.  Then, of course, the wedding on Saturday.  I may not make it to ABF on Sunday morning.

Hopefully I’ll have some more detailed posts next week when I have time to catch my breath.


~ by Velosophy Esq. on April 30, 2009.

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